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Chris & Jen Harris

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Christopher Harris is a certified Aṣṭāṅga Yoga teacher and trainer and practitioner of Āyurveda, specializing in Āyurvedic psychology and bone setting. He has been practicing Classical Aṣṭāṅga since 1997 and teaching privately and in class environments since 1998. He has an Āyurvedic counseling practice where he uses the principles of Yoga and Āyurveda to help people improve their lives, relationships and overall health and well-being. He also works with animals of all shapes and sizes.

He is also the developer, practitioner, and teacher of Arcovāna Healing, an energy work modality based on the principles of both Yogic and Āyurvedic subtle body practices with profound effects. He also educates people on the benefits of a whole-foods, vegan lifestyle and helps with cooking, nutrition, raw foods, supplementation and weight management.

In addition to his counseling and bone setting practice, he designs art and shares it through his personal website, ChrisHarrisArt.com, teaches Classical Aṣṭāṅga āsana classes, and writes books like this one on self-improvement, relationships and vegan cooking. He lives in Maine with his wife and family, where they enjoy a vegan lifestyle and attempt to herd their many cats.

About Christopher S. Harris

Marcie Shumway has been writing short stories for others to enjoy since she was in middle school. Finding the Way Back is the final book in her Finding Series. It is the fourth book she was published. She is an avid reader who thrives on the many books of her favorite authors. Marcie resides in a small town in Maine with her loving husband. The two share their home with their cat, Kyzer, and their dog, Dani. They also have two horses, Chance, and Dee.

Books by Marcie Shumway

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The Finding Series:

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Classical Astanga: Principles of the Practice & Lifestyle outlines the eight limbs of Astanga Yoga as defined in the Yoga Sutra of Patañjali and the Vyasa Bhasya. Yoga is one of the six Indian schools of thought, the Sat Darsana. It is a study of human psychology with the goal of understanding what motivates people, but also of how to eliminate suffering from their lives.

Yoga is our authentic state of being before disruptions occur, so it is natural that we would have an intrinsic desire to return to this balanced and equilibrious state. Because it is a vast subject the students, or sadhaka, developed ways to apply the knowledge of Yoga to their everyday lives. Astanga is one of those ways.

Classical Astanga represents a comprehensive examination of the lifestyle and the methodologies of practice and study, suitable for anyone with an interest in deepening a current practice or starting at the beginning of the journey. Covering all the components of the philosophy in depth, this book provides everything you need for your practice.

There are no asana in this book – those will come in the next one in the series, but everything starts with a foundation, and that is what this book is for: to provide practitioners with what they need to undertake this practice in a direct and approachable manner. This is a thorough exploration of an ancient tradition made accessible to everyone.

The interior of the colored version has the cakra symbols in color.

There is nothing worse than a frustrating life that always seems to go wrong. Wouldn’t you like to know how to change that, so instead of being a victim of circumstance you can exercise your natural creative power, the power of all conscious beings, to make the life you want to live? In this book I share with you the facts about creating reality, how we do it and why, and provide you with affirmations and powerful tools to help direct your energy with conscious intent. I also share with you my technique for reducing energy in negative patterns in your life to make profound changes possible. This will allow you to move toward the ideal life, the one you have always wanted to live, so long as you follow the steps outlined in this book. Buy it now, and change your life for the better!

From the back cover: Have you ever wondered about the nature of your life? Why some things go well but others do not, or why everything seems so hard? Well, the answer to those questions, and many more, is in your hands! This book contains information about the nature of reality, how your belief system creates that reality, and the reasons why things happen the way they do. Best of all, this book will teach you how to create the reality in which you desire to live, filled with happiness, wealth and abundance! You will no longer struggle within the limits of a system that simply does not make sense. Instead, with the information in this book, you will discover how to break free of the old paradigm and create an effortless, abundant reality.

You will learn how to:

*Change how you think so you vibrate higher
*Clear old patterns blocking you from success
*Increase your vibration using simple, effortless practices
*Magnetize what you want and need into your life
*Recognize how you block wealth and abundance…

…and, create what you want the way YOU want it, to make your life the one you really want to live! This manual on Consciously Creating your reality will teach you everything you need to know to stop worrying about life - and start living it!

Conscious Relations

Conscious Relations: A Modern Guidebook to Maintaining Love and Preventing Affairs Through Conscious Living, Parts One & Two

What can you do to make your relationship come alive?
Making relationships and marriages work is no simple thing – without the right information and the skills to use it, things can fall apart pretty quickly. No matter where you are in your relationship – just starting out, halfway through or on the brink of breakup or divorce, Conscious Relations can make it work!
Unlike every other relationship book which focuses solely on marriage and heterosexual couples, Conscious Relations applies to everyone and every type of bond, whether that’s couples, triples or plural relations and straight, gay or non-identifying.
The information in this book is for all humans in all relationships. Based on the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda and applicable to everyone, you will learn about critical elements of what makes relationships work: the imperative needs, which are the ones that only your partner can fulfill; parity and consiliency, which is how the masculine and feminine energies relate and create the relational dynamic; the core conflictive behaviors that ruin relationships; and how to recover from, and prevent, indiscretions and affairs.
A phenomenal relationship can be more than wishful thinking or a daydream – it can be what you have, here and now, and for the rest of your life!

Men can be confusing for women, and if you have no way of figuring them out, you are bound to be frustrated, upset and disenchanted. You may have experienced this in the past but in the future, you can easily solve many of those problems! This book will help you handle the challenges you have in understanding men, and it will do so in a way that is practical, helpful and concise – which is exactly what you need when dealing with the male sex! Read now and find answers to some of those confusing situations that frustrate women everywhere!

From the back cover: The Prince Inside is for both men and women: every man has a Prince Within, a loving, meaningful and intentional part of himself that women seldom get to see because of simple, easily remedied difficulties that commonly ruin relationships. The information in this book is straightforward, uncomplicated and immediately applicable in the relationships women have with the men in their lives, be it father, brother, coworker, friend or lover. What you read here may alter the landscape of your relationships with men forever in the best possible ways. Gone will be most of the confusion, uncertainty and anxiety caused by the differences in how men think and feel, and how those thoughts and feelings inspire actions in their lives. Women will have a modern field guide to men’s speech patterns, emotional workings and the means by which you can gain genuine love and connection in the most fulfilling ways.

You will discover:
•How men act and speak when they are in love
•What genuine emotional involvement looks like in men
•How to cultivate both sexual and emotional relations with men
•How to let men be in love with you the way that makes sense to them
•How to be yourself without discouraging men who want to be with you
•And the phases of a man’s life: what they are, what they mean for you and for him, and how to handle each phase as he goes through it to maintain a happy, open and loving bond.

I have heard from many people over the years that they would love to be vegan but it is too complicated – too much time and energy goes into the preparation of every dish. This inspired me to write The Uncomplicated Vegan – filled with recipes that are easy to make and packed with flavor, texture and nutrition while supporting environmental awareness and cosmoconsciousness, two critical elements of our ongoing relationship with the planet and everything living on it.

In this cookbook, I share the tools, techniques, fresh wholesome ingredients and seasoning mixtures I use to make delicious, authentic meals from foods that are organic, unprocessed and rich in nutrition and taste. Additionally, many of my recipes can be made without gluten or nightshade vegetables for people who are sensitive to those particular food groups.

These foods will support you as a vegan in your nutritional requirements, support you as a human in your flavor needs, and support you as a compassionate being in your journey – wherever you may be going!